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 Important detailed information about Buying & Selling a business


Business for sale or purchase detailed information


When it comes to buying or selling a business, it’s often the case that finding the buyer, or seller, is only a portion of selling or buying of any business. In many cases, selling or buying, of a commercial purchase transactions the common risk is, that the sale transaction becomes derailed before  the sale is completed. This can happen for many reasons. This is often caused by new question and details that arise during the course of initial the business transaction. Also human nature can play a very large part in this kind of risk of derailment of the sale.


As your broker agent, the management of these risks and obstacles is a successful area of our expertise; with a vast history of experiences to meet and solve these obstacles when they arise, we will keep your business purchase or sale moving forward, we will get your transaction through to its completion of sale or purchase using professionally proven methods. The following explains how and why our service can perform the complete buying or selling transactions you.



As a "businessperson" you want to buy or sell your operations

for the best possible price  on the best terms.


You may not know the “fair market value” of your commercial business opportunity or how to package the purchase or sale it in a manner to attain the best possible price. We can do all that and more. We offer extensive experience in the selling of business assets of an ongoing operation. With a proven sales experience in this area we know how to sell for the best possible price and terms, using proven professional approach. We offer a no cost evaluation that will provide a guideline to a future commercial business opportunity sale or purchase.


We will;


1.            Evaluate your business opportunity gathering information on start-up costs, the assets & profits.

3.            Provide you our best estimated optimal suggested sale price.

4.            Develop a marketing strategy to the selling of it. 

5.            Develop a dedicated website to promote its sale. 

6.            We use proven sales techniques to sell it. 

7.            Package a presentation to buyers to get you the best successful price .

8.            Contact strategic qualified buyers to sell it.

9.            Professionally conduct negotiations with quality buyers.

10.          Negotiate the purchase professionally and rationally without personal emotion.

11.          Solve ongoing challenges that arise in route to the sale closing.

12.          Keep the pending sale alive even when difficulties arise.

13.          Successfully coach the seller and buyer as needed all the way to the final closing day.

14.          Make your buying or selling desires a reality. 


You are a professional who is needed to run your commercial businesses.

We are professionals when it comes to promoting, finding, qualifying buyers and writing a contract.

We can focus on what can become an ever changing strategy with all attention focused on its sale. 

We can help regenerate  financial statements to show "real earnings value” rather than for “tax reasons”. 

We are your professional agents who promote the sale of your commercial business opportunity.

We  promote not only in the local marketplace, but nationally and in some cases internationally.

We can seek out buyers through our networking of contacts of people seeking opportunities like yours.

We will bring you qualified buyers who won’t want your time energy and resources. 

We will bring you buyer that can actually buy.

We will write the purchase offer for acceptance by you.

We will effectively lead potential buyers to making a buying decision! 

We will bring offers of purchase.


Purchases can commonly become off track, when that happens, our experience provides the tools to get the sale of your commercial business back on track and carry the sale through to completion.



When needed we can engage, direct and assist independent qualified accountants, appraisers and lawyers to assist in all aspects of the business opportunity purchase transaction. Your business profile information will be handled with respect to day to day commercial business operations and provide



As professionals we can provide invaluable assistance throughout the entire transaction.

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